Teaching methodology

The College authority believes that mere theoretical knowledge in subjects is not sufficient for students, so they place equal importance on experimental learning. As per the NAAC guideline, assurance of quality in courses, the following methodology is adopted:

  1. Lectures.
  2. Group Discussions and holding Seminar Deptt. Wise.
  3. Live Projectors.
  4. Monthly Assignments.
  5. Modern Teaching aids including Computer, Laser Projector and Over Head Projector are used.
  6. Interaction and preparation for methodology for projects among the students.
  7. Learning/ Teaching methodologies are encouraged.
  8. Providing Digital Smart Board in Semester Classes.
  9. Audio Visual Conference Room for counseling and etc.
  10. Sessional Tests for encouraging and upliftments of Student career under Gauhati University
  11. Regulation.
  12. Spot evaluation process introduced in the college campus.


The college follows its Academic Calendar for different courses and students have to attend classes, Sessional Tests, Seminars, Lectures, Workshops, organized by the college and respective Depts.